When Is It Time to Replace Your Old Home Insulation?

26 May 2022

Insulating your home is the wisest investment you can make for your living space. It can greatly help in reducing energy usage and consequently decreases your utility bills. In terms of the health and comfort aspect, properly working insulation provides warmth and a comfortable temperature for you and your family. Thus, maintaining your insulation at home in good working condition should also be top of your priority. Their effectiveness can be affected by a lot of factors. If you own an old home, the initial step to check is its physical condition. If there is damage or if it is still working and serving its purpose. If you are doing the inspection, here are the signs that you should look for as an indication that it is time to replace your old home insulation.

Your Indoor Temperature Starts to Fluctuate

If you notice that your indoor temperature starts to fluctuate and does not function properly as it used to, better to have it checked by a professional to see if it needs to be replaced or retrofitted. If the temperature problem persists, then you should consider replacing your home insulation system.

There is a Sudden Increase in Your Utility Bills

Old home insulations will not give you the service as when they were newly installed. Their functionality can deteriorate over time because of the several surrounding factors. If your old home insulation is making you use higher energy than usual and there is a sudden increase in your utility bills, then maybe it is time for insulation replacement.

You Notice Mould and Pest Infestation

Your old home insulation needs replacement when you notice mould and pest infestation. Old home insulation can be a breeding ground for moulds and pests if not regularly checked. This is a common issue for older homes, they tend to have problems with household pests and moulds so, expect that your home insulation could also be infested with pests and moulds  If you can spot this telltale sign, then it is time that you consider replacing your old home insulation.

If your old home insulation is suffering from one of these problems, let our team at D&D Insulation do the replacement for you, we offer all types of insulation and can guarantee you the highest standard of care and service in terms of providing solutions for your home insulation problems. At D&D Insulation, we provide professional insulation services, including blow-in wool in Melbourne’s Inner and Western Suburbs, and beyond. We likewise supply and repair wall and ceiling insulation for your new home. We also have all relevant insurance, and we likewise follow practical safety procedures and take full responsibility for our work. Our insulation productsare also guaranteed high quality.

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