Top Reasons to Get an Insulation Blanket Today

01 December 2022

Layers of thermal insulation materials that are not flammable makeup detachable insulation blankets, often referred to as removable insulation jackets or insulation pads. Pumps, valves, pressure-reducing valves, induced draught and forced draught fans, heat exchangers, and tanks are typical locations where you’ll find them being used.

Businesses and commercial spaces are turning to the benefits of detachable insulating blankets for various reasons, including improving energy efficiency, reducing costs (money saved on heating and cooling bills), improving safety, and simplifying maintenance. You may be shocked to learn how adaptable and simple to utilise disposable insulating blankets are.

However, how precisely do they function?

Slows Transfer of Thermal Energy

Insulation blankets that can be removed significantly slow down the flow of thermal energy. They concentrate on components with a high R-value (how well a material resists heat flow). Silicone or Teflon, both of which are thick, long-lasting materials, are typically used to make the material that covers the outside of the device. These insulating materials not only have a longer service life but also improve safety conditions since they lower surface temperatures, reducing the chance of damage.

Reduced Energy Cost and Maximizing Efficiency

The potential to enhance efficiency while simultaneously lowering energy costs is one of the primary considerations made by businesses when deciding whether or not to use detachable insulating blankets. It has been discovered that using pipe insulation jackets might save tens of thousands of dollars in energy expenditures for twenty-five different structures. By wrapping around the heated pipes and valves to hold the heat in, the jackets immediately cut the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units – the energy used to heat or cool) by around 500 million yearly. BTUs measure the amount of energy used to heat or cool. Because of this, businesses cannot only meet their operational efficiency goals but also meet compliance standards. These standards may include energy efficiency regulations mandated on a state or federal level. Removable insulation blankets assist businesses in meeting these standards. They are especially helpful in structures that require a significant amount of steam. The utilisation of insulating blankets is an effective means through which businesses may accomplish these high objectives.

Improved Temperature Regulation

The effectiveness of alternative thermal insulation techniques is directly proportional to their capacity to control temperature. Research shows that certain outdoor plumbing may reach upwards of 350 degrees Fahrenheit without jackets, causing dangerous working conditions for employees and increasing the frequency with which maintenance must be performed. On the other side, pipes exposed to too low temperatures might fracture or warp owing to a build-up of moisture, a phenomenon that is sometimes referred to as “pipe sweating.”

The conditions are stabilised by jackets so that pipes do not sustain excessive damage due to the intense heat. Pipes often keep a suitable surface temperature of one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit by utilising insulating jackets that may be removed.

Effectively Removing Workplace Hazards

Pipelines, pumps, valves, tanks, and other components that are subjected to extremely high temperatures put your equipment in danger and your employees in danger. During maintenance, pipes, valves, and fittings that were insulated using traditional methods might sustain damage. Because of this, your employees will have to do more maintenance inspections while subjecting themselves to dangerously high temperatures. This poses a risk to their safety.

The risk of overheating that is posed to employees can be reduced by temperature regulation. The temperature at the point of contact decreases, and as a result, the temperature of the air around you also decreases. Insulation jackets that can be removed help speed up this procedure.

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