The Impact of Good Thermal Insulation at Home

10 June 2022

The heating and cooling of a typical home are responsible for between 50 and 70 per cent of the overall energy consumption of the home, as stated by the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. Inadequate insulation can result in significant air leakage, which will make your home less pleasant and will cost you to needlessly throw money out the window each month. If you have adequate insulation in your home, not only will you be able to save money but also you and your family will be able to enjoy a living environment that is healthy, comfortable, and uses less energy.

Improve your home’s insulation beforeĀ investing in solar panels, solar water heating, heat pumps, or any other green energy source. This maximises natural resource utilisation and prevents energy waste. If you neglect this stage, you’ll spend a lot of money on a strong system to cover a poorly insulated home’s energy needs. Read on to know more about how good thermal insulation in your home can best impact you and your way of living.

Save More on Your Electricity Bill

Installing thermal insulation in the ceiling, interior, and exterior walls of your home can help you save money on your monthly energy expenses. Even though installing insulation may not be a cheap initial expense, the cost of adding thermal insulation may be recouped within a few years. Inspecting the thermal insulation in your existing home is something you should do if the property already has insulation installed in it. This could include the ceiling cavity or the area under the floor. It is worthwhile to add more thermal insulation in locations where there are gaps or holes in existing insulation to improve the R-value of the insulation and the overall energy efficiency of the property.

Lesser Demand for Energy Consumption

The installation of thermal insulation in your home can dramatically limit heat gains during the Australian summer and heat losses during the winter, so cutting your energy expenses by up to half. Insulating your home is the quickest and most efficient way to cut down on the amount of energy that you use in your home. Insulating your house with thermal insulation is most effectively done during the construction phase of a home improvement project or a significant remodel. There are ways to retrofit your home with thermal insulation; however, the process is a little more difficult, and the majority of the time, you will need the assistance of a professional to aid you in the installation process.

Maintaining Tolerable Indoor Temperature

Stable interior temperatures are created by installing thermal insulation, which decreases the demand for heating and cooling devices. You must insulate your house to ensure a tranquil and pleasant environment for you to enjoy. Wall insulation may cut winter heat loss by up to 25 per cent and summer heat gain by up to 25 per cent.

D&D Insulation Servicessell and install various sorts of thermal and acoustic insulation, foils, and blankets, including blow-in wool, for both residential and commercial applications. Fibreglass, polyester, and Knauf blowing are just some of the materials we provide for acoustic and thermal purposes. Residential and business customers throughout Melbourne’s Inner and Western Suburbs and beyond may rely on us for batt installation. Call us today to discover more about our products and services.

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