How Your Home Insulation Can Affect Your Allergies

12 May 2022

While home insulation is important to your household because of the number of benefits that it gives to you and your family, your home insulation may also be the culprit of your recurring allergy attacks. Your home insulation can be the one producing allergen indoors that constantly triggers your allergy especially when you are lounging at home. If you are wondering if your insulation at home can affect your health, here is how your home insulation can affect your allergies.

Constant Exposure to Moisture

The presence of mould in your home insulation system can lead to serious health issues. Mould and mildew are caused by constant exposure to moisture and dampness which in turn produces allergens. And these allergens, if inhaled, can cause your allergy to flare up. One of the most common indoor allergens is mould, hence, choosing the right home insulation is very important. So, make it your top consideration when installing insulation for your home to find home insulation that is mould and mildew resistant.

Poorly Installed Insulation Can be A Breeding Ground for Pests and Insects

Good indoor air quality can also be attributed to your home insulation. A poorly installed home insulation can be a breeding ground for pests and insects and pest infestations in home insulation are proven to trigger allergic reactions. These pests and insects can leave behind feces and saliva which can thrive in the air like dust mites and can pose a serious health risk to people with allergy sensitivities.

Chemical Componentsof Your Insulation Exacerbates Your Allergies

One other factor that can affect your allergies could be the chemical components of your home insulation. There are chemicals like isocyanate, formaldehyde, and hexabromocyclododecanemixed in every type of insulation that can exacerbate your allergies. This is why it is very essential that you carefully check the chemical components of the home insulation and select the type that poses minimal to zero health risks.

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