Batt Insulation in Residential and Commercial Properties: What is it All About?

06 January 2020

Taken as a whole, Batt Insulation is used in wall and ceiling voids as an insulating overlay. The pre-cut fibreglass or rock wool blankets work well as heat loss barriers. Indeed, some of the latest and greatest sheets of this insulating blanketing can also perform as sound-dampening wools. So, one more time, expect a superior parcel of batt insulation to stop expensive thermal losses, silence acoustic noise, and to generally fill those loss-exacerbating voids that exist between framing panels.

Structural Framing Panels Encourage Energy Losses

Typically, insulation professionals concern themselves with thermal losses. The owner of a property has perhaps received an energy bill. The number printed at the bottom of that invoice is way too high. To combat the feeling that wads of cash are flying through the walls of a home, the owner calls in a property insulation evaluation, who then carries out an energy audit. As suspected, energy is escaping through the framing. Quickly, to cut the next billing period’s energy bill way down, the evaluation service advises the installation of a series of insulation sheets. Incidentally, this auditing process also applies to a soundproofing service, although it’s the decibel scale, not thermal losses that evaluate property noise pollution.

Installing Framing Insulation Sheeting: What Is Batt Insulation?

Think of a wool-like panel of pre-cut fibreglass. Similar to glass, the fuzzy panels form a natural barrier against heat loss. Alternatively, rock wool can be used in place of fibreglass. This insulation variant is made from minerals, and it provides a higher R-value. There’ll be more about R-Values in future posts. Suffice to say, the higher the R-Value, the more efficient the heat insulation material becomes. Anyway, whether made of mineral wool or fibreglass, the insulation sheeting needs to be fitted by a specialist service, someone who can bind the material securely to every lumber or metal beam, someone who’s trained to ensure a leak-free installation. Why, by the time a team of professional batt insulation techs are finished, it’ll seem like the fuzzy sheets have been tailored to fit every wall, attic, and subfloor void.

There’s no reason to leave a residential or commercial property in such a compromised condition, with all of its walls naked and cold. When batt insulation is installed properly, the service pays for itself many times over. That’s because owners experience significant energy bill reductions after the insulation is installed. As a happy upshot of this newly installed property feature, the building isn’t greedily creating an oversized eco-footprint. As a final by-product, the woolly panels don’t just perform as heat barriers, they also silence outside noise. In fact, some specialized products are every bit as good at soundproofing properties as they are at working as thermal barriers.

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